Fund and govern your mission.

Collectively design and build your own sustainable economy and equitable governance system.

what we do

We provide the cultural frameworks and technical tools to support sustainable funding and resource governance, enabling long-term growth and impact.

what we do

Commons Stack builds technical tools and cultural frameworks that enable impact initiatives to evolve into decentralized, regenerative, self-governing communities.

how we do it

We innovate at the intersection between culture and token engineering.

Our expertise lies in guiding you through the process of creating an organizational structure that facilitates active participation, cooperation, and accountability. You can build a community-driven ecosystem that fosters positive change and ensures your project’s long-term success.

These four pillars present our approach to funding, governance, and public goods management.


We bring our research into real-world application. We’re building on a primitive landscape, supporting impact communities to organize and develop their mission. Our research-led approach allows deployment of replicable templates for communities to apply these novel tools to their unique contexts.

Library of tools

Our library of tools enable communities to fund their projects and create regenerative token economies that support their mission. These tools support the integration of key principles of a commons including shared values, resource accessibility and collective governance.

Cultural frameworks

A holistic governance approach underpins functionality and sustainability. Our cultural frameworks bring solutions based on applied research into impact communities, taking into consideration their unique challenges, needs, and desires.


Co-design fosters inclusion, transparency, and active involvement whereby voters are guided to develop proposals themselves. It allows space for diverse perspectives, enabling innovative and practical solutions to flourish.
"Commons Stack is on the cutting edge of public goods &  coordination mechanism research, they offer tangible solutions with their frameworks and tools, like the Augmented Bonding Curve and Conviction Voting. Their work is pushing the web3 space forward with integrity and passion that is contagious."
Kevin Owocki's profile picture

Kevin Owocki

Co-founder of Gitcoin
CEO/founder of SuperModular

"There are few projects that truly take such a full holistic and analytical approach to understanding how we can utilise this technology to incentivise new forms of coordination across many different domains. The execution, and the learnings from the Commons Stack will no doubt become important foundations of our world and the communities we are a part of."
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Simon de la Rouviere

Founder, Untitled Frontier

"The Commons Stack is an experiment in translating the patterns of commons-based peer production into deployable community ecosystems using web3 technologies.  The cross-disciplinary application of existing research and novel tooling offers a promising approach to addressing collective action challenges."
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Michael Zargham

Founder and CEO, Blockscience

I was glad to see the hands-on learning during the Token Engineering Commons (TEC) build. People were encouraged to learn about and participate in the designing of TEC tools like Conviction Voting and the Augmented Bonding Curve. These are very technical but “param parties” made a place for them to be discussed and debated. That felt like live token engineering.

Angela Kreitenweis

Founder and CEO, TE Academy